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A new direction

Assalamualaikum.  For a long while now, I've felt so broken I put my life on a standstill. They say time heals all, so there I was standing still waiting for time. I waited and waited and watched as time flew by and I'm still in the same place; nothing has healed. Years later, as the fog started clearing, I looked back at the damage filled with guilt and regret of the people I've hurt along the way, the opportunities I've watched slipped by, the life that could've been. I sabotaged myself with endless guilt-tripping. It's about time that I wake up from this daze and live a more fulfilling, meaningful and purposeful life. Covid came as a blessing in disguise, allowing many of us to slow down, take a step back and reset our lives. This year, despite the circumstances, was what I needed to find peace within myself and find the barakah in our every action.  I've taken the time to do some spring cleaning in this space to edit/remove posts that contains photos of

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