Saturday, December 1, 2018

Who saves me?

We go through all lengths and depths to save the people we care about. Most times we give too much till we are sucked dry, yet we still scramble to see if we can continue to give. 

I see you clad in something new every now and then while I am here guilty for spending even a dollar a day. 

Fortunate enough for you, you're surrounded by your saving grace. But who's saving me?

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Back to square one

I attempted to blog tonight. Had a long draft ready to be published, scrolling through my phone to pick out the photos. Instead I stumbled upon old dark memories. And I allowed myself to crawl into that deephole again. I lost my fight tonight. Here I am, curling in bed, bawling my eyes out. 

Back to square one. 

I’ll give it another try, another day, maybe.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Beauty Pleasures: Woes Be Gone! - Facial Treatment with My Cozy Room

This post has been in my draft for the longest time, and it's time that it gets published.

I'm about to put a stop to guilt tripping myself over the procrastination of this post and for neglecting this space. I've long decided to pen down my 1 year facial journey with My Cozy Room, something that I feel so passionate about and how it has completely changed my beauty regime. I figured with my skin woes history (Yes! that's all history now), it may benefit someone out there.

Theories after theories, I turned into a picky consumer who was obsessed about organic products; scrutinising every ingredient the make up or skincare is made up of. And did I mention how disgustingly expensive these organic products and dermatologist consultations are??

Days leading to weeks and months, my theories were constantly proven wrong. Just when I thought I found the underlying cause, something always shows otherwise. I became uncomfortable in my own skin, slabbing on even thicker makeup to conceal my acne and scarrings.

Facials were subjective to me. YouTube tutorials assured me that we could DIY at the comfort of our home, giving me the ideology that facials are only meant for the rich and famous. But DIY-ing my facial has only left me with nothing but darker and deeper scars. Bottom line is, if you are no professional, do not attempt to pop your pimple. Leave it to the professional.

No thanks to all the horror stories, I went on a careful hunt for a reliable facial parlour and finally set my eyes on My Cozy Room Boutique Spa. I was completely sold by their professionalism and highly trained therapist. My therapist went over and beyond during the extraction process and offered useful skincare tips throughout the session. I was encouraged to use lighter makeup for my day to day to reduce the clogged pores, which led me to a lighter make up bag as mentioned in Less is more post.

1 year on, I can confidently step out of my house with minimal or no makeup at all.

A typical facial treatment in My Cozy Room comprises of:

Skin analysis
Facial cleansing
Crystal eye massage
Facial massage
Mask treatment
Eye brow shaping
Anti-stress shoulder massage

Victorian themed therapy room

Steaming and Exfoliation

After my first session in June 2016

1 year later, my last session in May 2017

Just a disclaimer, this doesn't happen overnight. For best results, I would highly recommend going for monthly treatment like I did. Besides, everyone could do with a relaxing ME time.

Visit them here:

Till the next entry.

And it starts here...

Wow 2018 passed like the wind. I am deeply apologetic to have left this space abandoned. I've missed this space, truly. A space to express my thoughts, interests and my highs, unfortunately not so much of my lows. And that was exactly where I was (and still am); at my lowest. Is there a word to describe lower than lowest? Maybe six-feet under? Yeah, I remembered used to having that as one of my options. I know. What the hell was I thinking. 

That dark, deep place I wish upon no one, a place I rather not re-visit or crawl back into. Let's not go there now shall we? Maybe another day. 

As I'm typing away, I realised this wasn't as easy as I thought. Here I am, trying to recollect as much memory as I could but my mind keeps shutting them out; careful, to not to pick the dark ones. It feels like waking up from a coma to realise the months I've missed being in a limbo and in a peculiar state of being present and yet, not present at the same time. 

Every day and every task is a fight. My biggest blessing is my fight to continue being here. And I know there's more that I need to get counting. And the count starts here....

Friday, November 17, 2017

Hey, it's not that bad afterall

Just taking some time from my lunch for this random thought post wondering how's everyone wrapping up their 2017. As for me, I can't say it went as expected or if it's all peaches and roses. If there is one thing that I struggled the most was my hijab journey. 

I started donning the hijab late 2015 on an on-and-off basis due to work commitments, which puzzled a handful of friends and relatives on occasions they saw me without it. Not to mention that it led to my hiatus on IG since I refrained from posting photos of myself without the hijab. 

The transition started with an extensive wardrobe change which Alhamdulillah was majorly sponsored by Nazzmie to commend my efforts on the change. Being more of an off-shoulder and pencil-skirt kinda girl, there was minimal that I could recycle from to suit the change.

Switching in between hijab and work clothes, I struggled with lifestyle and identity. I was over-thinking on developing a style and afraid that I don't look good enough, have enough modest clothes or if it's modest enough. Don't we all always never have enough clothes, ladies??

"Is this too tight, too loose, too short, too long?"
"Do I look like an aunty?" *Even when I'm already an aunty to 4 beautiful nieces. but hey! I want to be a fashionable aunty okay!*
"What should I wear for this occasion and for that occasion?"
"How do I change my sports attire? What do I do with my short-sleeves tops? Are my pants too tight-fitting? Maybe I should stop exercising altogether."

Over-thinking kills you.

Every time I start over-thinking about what clothes to wear and how 'hot' it is underneath the hijab, I pray that Allah eases my journey as this is my fight for Him. 

It was only recently, 1 November 2017, that I started donning the hijab to work. As excited as I was, I was anxious too. I've heard many scary stories of biasness at work and etc. But then again I reminded myself that He has answered my prayers and opened the door to ease my journey. 

Half the month has passed and I must say, "Hey, it's not that bad after all!". It's all in your Niyaah. Though I must thank my girlfriends for the prep-talk and encouragement AND for checking up on me on the first day.

Till the next one! Time to get back to work!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Hong Kong Halal Food Haven

Next to the stunning landscapes and fascinating architectural elements, the one thing that brings me back to this island is none other than the ridiculously delicious halal dim sums and stream of local eateries. As an avid reader of, I must thank them for introducing all these source of goodness and in encouraging all Muslims to travel with ease. 

Ma's Restaurant

Over at Ma's Restaurant, the star of the show would definitely be this succulent Beef Goulash. Every mouthful was a pure delight and much to my disappointment, I've yet to find any where else that could top this! I do hope they'll consider venturing out to Singapore.

You will also witness non-stop streaming of local diners who are here for their freshly hand-pulled noodles that brings your noodles experience to a whole new level.

Wai Kee Food Stall

Found in the heart of Cooked Food Centre, this place brims with the locals. I felt a little out of place when I first set foot in the food centre, in search of a fancy halal eatery. But there it is, in a cosy corner of what would be most affectionately called in SG as, a kopitiam. 

Kopitiam pon kopitiam lah!

Everyone here was keen for a taste of their signature dish - the Roasted Duck. This photo may not do enough justice of the moist, tender meat and crispy skin with the right amount of fats (just the way i like it) to give it that kick!

In fact, the meat and gravy are so flavourful it goes well with fragrant rice alone.

Islamic Centre Canteen

I absolutely love this place for the ridiculously delicious dim sums. However on my recent trip early this year, I found a dip in their taste. Perhaps it was just a really busy day and probably shorthanded hence preparation time was compromised? But nonetheless, this is another place I'd still come back to.

The Islamic Centre Canteen is about 15-20 minutes walking distance from the nearest MTR. If you'd like to skip the long walk, go ahead and hop on the Ding Ding Tram! Nearest stop is 47E Tonnochy Road. Besides being the cheapest mode of transportation on the island, it is also the best way to explore Hong Kong, catching a glimpse of everyday street life - something you will miss when commuting on the MTR.

More valuable information of these eateries are available on HHWT's blog.

Mr Kebab

Mr Kebab was a hidden gem, a charming cafe located just 2 minutes away from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR. This is hands down by far THE BEST BIRYANI i've ever tasted. The biryani on it's own, tasted heavenly as the flavours of herbs and spices dances in my mouth. And of course, accompanied by the tender lamb meat, I'm completely sold with this one! I would've ordered a 2nd plate if it was not for the huge portion.

That's all for now while I try to find it in me the motivation to burn off all the calories I've gained from this trip. I'd love to explore more into Hong Kong's food haven, probably on my next trip.

Till the next entry!
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