Sunday, February 24, 2019

Domesticated who??

Adulting officially begins when stay on your own. Though this may not be the first home I've owned, it still feels brand new to me, just as it would to many of you.

Unlike the practices in other parts of the world where children were expected to move out at the age of 18, most Singaporeans will only move out of their parents home once they are married, or if they're single, eligibility to own a place is at the age of 35. Renting a place in Singapore is not even an option for most as it can be very costly. Real talk, if one have an option to save money along with the extra help on house chores and splitting the bills or spend a fortune on rental, which would you rather?

Staying on your own comes with a new set of responsibilities. If you used to only maintain your own room, now you have a whole house to maintain, bills to pay, never-ending clothes to launder and more importantly meals to prepare. 

House chores are 'chores' only because we dread doing them. On the contrary, I'm rather fond of it. In the words of Marie Kondo, cleaning "Sparks Joy" to me. Something I inherited of my late dad. Another thing that "Sparks Joy" to me, is cooking. Recipes I picked up from mum. But recently, of some created by my own though mostly from instant pastes lah.. Alamak bocor rahsia!

Don’t underestimate our cute cooker hob which has served us well. I cook almost everyday if not every other day. Some may find it a waste to cook because you'll need to finish up the ingredients, ending up with a big portion of food with no one to finish it. I'll cook whatever that works for us. When there are leftovers from dinner, I'll pack it up for lunch the following day.

It can be overwhelming initially obsessing over a perfectly maintained house all the time. Just chill for abit. Enjoy the process. Over time, you'll get into the cycle of your own time-table.

Till the next one! 😘

Saturday, February 9, 2019


Scrolling through my Instagram feed, I see an array of photos of holidays, food, friends and families getting together, new mummies and daddies welcoming their bundle of joy into the world, pregnancy announcements, graduation, engagements and weddings, honeymoons, excited newlyweds getting their keys to their first home. The call for a celebration knows no limit.

Alhamdulillah for all the happiness in the world.

2018 was a roller coaster ride for me but if there is one thing I would like to express my gratitude for is the place where I seek solace. My saving grace, a place I call 'Home'. I'm sure anyone can agree with me that there is nothing better than having a place to call your own. A thing that not everyone possess. And for that, I can't thank Allah enough for this blessing.

The renovation package was a steal and it didn’t take much for our ID to turn our ideas into reality. In fact, the outcome exceeded our expectations. We were grateful for all the little freebies/ surprises he threw in for us (on top of our package) such as free mirrors, Blum cabinet hinges (like whatt??), touch ups, completing ahead of the timeline. We were surprised to learn of his departure from the company right after our project. Not that we were any troublemakers.. Haha!

Here's some of my favourite corners of our humble abode:

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

My undoing

Here I sit in my living room, appreciating every inch and corner of this home for tomorrow is never guaranteed. My head is clouded, my heart is heavy. The question that keeps running in my head "What will become of me?"

I speak as a helpless one waiting for an impending doom. A doom that I had inflicted upon myself for the sake of my sanity. The whole time, I scrambled in all corners of my heart and mind in search of peace and happiness. I've learnt that being selfless only caused more pain to happiness. I've learnt that pressing issues needs to be addressed and not bottled up. I've learnt that I do not need to impress others and that I am enough. I am enough. Yet it is something I don't tell myself often enough. 

I drowned myself in the worlds' expectations. I took the blame for the shortfall. One and for many more that was not mine to take. And that, was my undoing.

Tell me, to what lengths does ones' sacrifices go? I've never spared a trying second. The pessimists would say I'm a quitter because I gave up. But new beginnings are often disguised as a bitter ending.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Beauty Pleasures: Woes Be Gone! - Facial Treatment with My Cozy Room

This post has been in my draft for the longest time, and it's time that it gets published.

I'm about to put a stop to guilt tripping myself over the procrastination of this post and for neglecting this space. I've long decided to pen down my 1 year facial journey with My Cozy Room, something that I feel so passionate about and how it has completely changed my beauty regime. I figured with my skin woes history (Yes! that's all history now), it may benefit someone out there.

Theories after theories, I turned into a picky consumer who was obsessed about organic products; scrutinising every ingredient the make up or skincare is made up of. And did I mention how disgustingly expensive these organic products and dermatologist consultations are??

Days leading to weeks and months, my theories were constantly proven wrong. Just when I thought I found the underlying cause, something always shows otherwise. I became uncomfortable in my own skin, slabbing on even thicker makeup to conceal my acne and scarrings.

Facials were subjective to me. YouTube tutorials assured me that we could DIY at the comfort of our home, giving me the ideology that facials are only meant for the rich and famous. But DIY-ing my facial has only left me with nothing but darker and deeper scars. Bottom line is, if you are no professional, do not attempt to pop your pimple. Leave it to the professional.

No thanks to all the horror stories, I went on a careful hunt for a reliable facial parlour and finally set my eyes on My Cozy Room Boutique Spa. I was completely sold by their professionalism and highly trained therapist. My therapist went over and beyond during the extraction process and offered useful skincare tips throughout the session. I was encouraged to use lighter makeup for my day to day to reduce the clogged pores, which led me to a lighter make up bag as mentioned in Less is more post.

1 year on, I can confidently step out of my house with minimal or no makeup at all.

A typical facial treatment in My Cozy Room comprises of:

Skin analysis
Facial cleansing
Crystal eye massage
Facial massage
Mask treatment
Eye brow shaping
Anti-stress shoulder massage

Victorian themed therapy room

Steaming and Exfoliation

After my first session in June 2016

1 year later, my last session in May 2017

Just a disclaimer, this doesn't happen overnight. For best results, I would highly recommend going for monthly treatment like I did. Besides, everyone could do with a relaxing ME time.

Visit them here:

Till the next entry.

And it starts here...

Wow 2018 passed like the wind. I am deeply apologetic to have left this space abandoned. I've missed this space, truly. A space to express my thoughts, interests and my highs, unfortunately not so much of my lows. And that was exactly where I was (and still am); at my lowest. Is there a word to describe lower than lowest? Maybe six-feet under? Yeah, I remembered used to having that as one of my options. I know. What the hell was I thinking. 

That dark, deep place I wish upon no one, a place I rather not re-visit or crawl back into. Let's not go there now shall we? Maybe another day. 

As I'm typing away, I realised this wasn't as easy as I thought. Here I am, trying to recollect as much memory as I could but my mind keeps shutting them out; careful, to not to pick the dark ones. It feels like waking up from a coma to realise the months I've missed being in a limbo and in a peculiar state of being present and yet, not present at the same time. 

Every day and every task is a fight. My biggest blessing is my fight to continue being here. And I know there's more that I need to get counting. And the count starts here....

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