Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Under the stars with Picneeds

I've always loved a good picnic. 
Sentosa would be our weekend hideout, back then when Singapore was less crowded, back then when we were still schooling with budget constraints and curfews, back then when staycations and getaways were never at the tip of our tongue. 

A picnic by the beach was one of our simple pleasures in life. The sun, sand and sea accompanied with great people and delicious home-made food; partly showing off our half past six culinary skills. But we still loved it.

Picnics are now brought to a whole new level by a genius couple who founded Picneeds. Their fuss free packages consists of 5 themes which includes food such as pizzas, cupcakes, fruits in chocolate dipping and etc, with rates ranging from $150 onwards.

For a change, we went with Picneeds for the team dinner and were completely blown away by the wind setup. Our picnic under the stars didn't go as planned due to bad weather. So do pick a location that can offer you both outdoor and indoor setup as a contingency. 

I call this, the 'atas' picnic.You only need to goyang kaki and turn up! 

Picneeds were very prompt with their replies, and open to ideas or customisation. But do bear in mind that customisation may include additional fees. Ours is a setup for 4 persons.

Prepare to be blown away when you browse through Picneeds FB or IG page!

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