Wednesday, March 30, 2016

2015 Favourites

Pardon the long overdue post. A quick look at my 2015 beauty favourites. This post was meant to be published sometime back, no thanks to my procrastination.

The iPhone may be non beauty related but I'm loving every bit of it and 100% reliant on it.

Gone are the good old days we used to remember phone numbers and birthdays. Most times, I feel like we used our brains lesser since informations are readily accessible at our fingertips, provided you have data lah. While I was rocking the classic Sony Ericson walkman phone, I wished I had smartphones during poly years. To check my ever changing classes, upcoming TAs, to religiously complete my RJs, efficiently communicate with my fyp team mates via WhatsApp. 

Let's face it, who in the world was glued to their laptops 24/7? I have a life outside school lei. Juggling school, a part time job, socialising and paktor-ing. Where got timeee??? 

My next favourite is none other than my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. Click here if you haven't read All About That Base. Currently already on my 2nd bottle. Yet to find it's match! 

Next up is the highly raved Beauty Blender. Currently on my 2nd purchase as well, the BB blends my foundation flawlessly without wasting much product. Let me know if you'd like me to review the BB. 

Lastly, Apple Cider Vinegar. Which could be readily available at your kitchen counter top. Mixed with rose water, I used it as a toner; apart from the thousand and one uses of the ACV. It's definitely a must have!

Till the next entry!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Matters of the heart - You are not alone

I went through an emotional roller coaster ride for weeks as I was consumed by my thoughts, doubts and fear. The society has always painted a beautiful picture of a wedding or a marriage. I now understood between the lines of "Marriage is a bed of roses", there's the thorns that it comes with. Yet why do I still feel so alone in this? No one warned me of the thorns. Scared, doubtful and anxious appears as a taboo around the word 'Wedding' as it often gets associated as a red flag that you're making a big mistake.

Grief of leaving your family/home, fear of financial instability over the wedding, confusion of a wife's or the in-laws's expectation, balancing your time between families and the list goes on. Truth is, it's in every individual to be filled with fear, doubt and anxiety as you are in the midst of a transitioning into the unknown.

It took me awhile to recognise what I went through was the infamous 'Wedding Anxiety'. So what now?

The marriage after all is between two people. Talk to your partner about it. *which I hesitated initially* I planned on diverting my focus towards the wedding planning instead. It didn't take me long until I couldn't contain it any longer and broke down. Alhamdulillah I am fortunate that Nazzmie was very understanding and assuring about it.

Keep the communication going at every step of the way. A wedding is just the beginning to an infinity of changes coming your way like your new home and the arrival of that little one. You are not alone.
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