Friday, November 17, 2017

Hey, it's not that bad afterall

Just taking some time from my lunch for this random thought post wondering how's everyone wrapping up their 2017. As for me, I can't say it went as expected or if it's all peaches and roses. If there is one thing that I struggled the most was my hijab journey. 

I started donning the hijab late 2015 on an on-and-off basis due to work commitments, which puzzled a handful of friends and relatives on occasions they saw me without it. Not to mention that it led to my hiatus on IG since I refrained from posting photos of myself without the hijab. 

The transition started with an extensive wardrobe change which Alhamdulillah was majorly sponsored by Nazzmie to commend my efforts on the change. Being more of an off-shoulder and pencil-skirt kinda girl, there was minimal that I could recycle from to suit the change.

Switching in between hijab and work clothes, I struggled with lifestyle and identity. I was over-thinking on developing a style and afraid that I don't look good enough, have enough modest clothes or if it's modest enough. Don't we all always never have enough clothes, ladies??

"Is this too tight, too loose, too short, too long?"
"Do I look like an aunty?" *Even when I'm already an aunty to 4 beautiful nieces. but hey! I want to be a fashionable aunty okay!*
"What should I wear for this occasion and for that occasion?"
"How do I change my sports attire? What do I do with my short-sleeves tops? Are my pants too tight-fitting? Maybe I should stop exercising altogether."

Over-thinking kills you.

Every time I start over-thinking about what clothes to wear and how 'hot' it is underneath the hijab, I pray that Allah eases my journey as this is my fight for Him. 

It was only recently, 1 November 2017, that I started donning the hijab to work. As excited as I was, I was anxious too. I've heard many scary stories of biasness at work and etc. But then again I reminded myself that He has answered my prayers and opened the door to ease my journey. 

Half the month has passed and I must say, "Hey, it's not that bad after all!". It's all in your Niyaah. Though I must thank my girlfriends for the prep-talk and encouragement AND for checking up on me on the first day.

Till the next one! Time to get back to work!

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