Sunday, May 7, 2017

First to infinity

Happy Anniversary to my one and only hopeless romantic, the first to an infinity of anniversaries to come, In Shaa Allah.

Including this one, would be the umpteenth times I hit the backspace button. I'm on point blank to where do I even begin.

I knew you were the one the moment you instilled "we" in you and I. *Though till this day, I insist what's mine is mine and what's yours is still mine* I never really understood "we" till we said our vows. This year, we've reached our peak and we've also hit rock bottom, we shared many laughters and tears; often seeking comfort in each other's arms.

No fancy schmancy celebrations, just a humble doa from me to you. not me-to-you bear eh! Haiyoooh why I so gembeng one?? Alright folks, before my laptop get soaked in my tears, till the next entry!

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