Sunday, April 9, 2017

TGIF Bazaars - Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2017 Review

Yay! We did it! This may not be news to most, I've been side hustling on a small scale since 2015. I figured it's about time to expand my horizon and start sailing the seas and chant "I am Moana of Motunui. You will board my sampan...." 

I debated between testing waters or go-big-or-go-home and......... No prize for guessing what I went with.

Images extracted from TGIF Bazaars. More booth information and terms are available in the link.

The organisers from TGIF Bazaars were very helpful and responsive in answering all my queries. I was pretty happy with my booth allocation and the overall booking process was a breeze. Organisers were present onsite throughout the day to ensure all the booths were well settled.

Considering the expected crowd of 50K (for the countdown and carnival nearby), I stocked up and gathered my best warriors. But I was rather disappointed in the afternoon crowd. It would've been perfect if the organisers had put up more advertisement to create awareness and pre-empt on the crowd control nearing the countdown.

The countdown crowd only started after 7pm, before the area was barricaded at 11pm for crowd control. By then, everyone already 'Chope-d' front row seats for the fireworks and that was the end of the buying crowd for us. Many of our friends and families were held up somewhere and unable to get to us.

Glad I finally put my rusty retail experience to good use. It was indeed an eye opening experience and an amazing learning curve. Here I've gathered some useful tips for you:

_Presentation may or may not matter.
This really depends on your merchandise but presentation may not matter to most consumers. Especially when it comes to mobile accessories because they're only looking out for the best deals.
For an open space bazaar in the evening, LED lights would be perfect to keep your booth brightly litted. Had I known, I would've came dressed as a Christmas tree or something!

I believe it's all fair in love, war and business. I'm generally not a competitive person. I know I'd be rolling with the big guns but that didn't intimidate me one bit.
We did get occasional visits from our "neighbour", checking out and taking pictures of me our prices. My heart shattered that they were not there for my autograph. Haiyah... #notfamousenough

_Relevant merchandise based on the occasion.
Put yourself in the consumers shoes. "If I was at a countdown, what would I be looking for?"

*Pat self on back* Well done, Nora! This will not be the last you will see of me! Signing off with a surprise courage juice note from Nazzmie on the sales book. Thanking our families and friends for your support that day! This would not be possible without them. Much love.


  1. I'm proud of your entrepreneurial endeavor. Keep @ it. Go hard, keep on keeping on (70's saying... Lol)

    1. As they call it these days, keep hustling! ;P


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