Friday, April 7, 2017

Bathroom Favourites

Time check: 1:55 AM
Struggling to fall asleep after 2 glasses of Teh Tarik. So I whipped out my Macbook to draft a completely random post on bathroom favourites.
I don't spend hours in the bathroom with a mental checklist of an exorbitant regime. Except for the occasional times when I'm cleaning the bathroom, it's the only time I'll come out with wrinkly nenek kebayan fingers. Other than that, my times in the bathroom are pretty much what we call it 'fast game, bro'.
You'd be surprised, in that brief moment, the bathroom would transform into an inspiration corner, and occasionally, my very own concert with nothing else but a toothbrush as my mic. Often unrealistically wishing I could add the whole karaoke setup to the list of favourites. But oh wells! I shall not torment the neighbours with my singing and most haphazardly, being electrocuted.
Cutting to the chase, we have all switched products after products and these have worked for me thus far. I'll be including my updated facial routine as well. If you're expecting a 10 step Korean routine, I'm sorry to disappoint. But it's getting there I hope!

Oklah Laneige, don't wait ready. Come, I'll be your brand ambassador.

Clearly enough I'm in love with your products that I've switched my whole facial routine to Laneige! The whole set did cost a hefty amount but a little goes a long way with these. In fact, the whole set lasted me for a good 6 months, while I remembered paying twice the amount on my dermatologist products which would last 3 months max.

These are my favourites from the range, simply can't live without them especially the Lip Sleeping Mask. That -ish goes on my lips the ENTIRE day. Being a badass by completely ignoring the clearly written fact that it's a SLEEPING MASK. But it does the job of giving me kissable lips! So who cares?? haha!

My other favourite would be the Water Sleeping Mask, to keep my skin hydrated through the night and feeling refreshed when I wake up! If there's one thing I've learnt from my dermatologist, our skin has a mind of it's own. Despite the oily surface of my skin, my skin is categorised as dry skin. That's mainly because of the lack of moisture and because the skin it's dry, it feels the need to secrete more oil to keep it moisturised. So it's really important to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day, and night. You'll notice the difference in time to come. If you don't want your face looking like a grease ball, use a gel moisturiser instead.

And for the hair, I must give it to these duo, Kerastase Sensitive Scalp and Dry Hair Cleansing Shampoo and the Argan Oil of Morocco Intense Moisturising Treatment.
I've ombre-d my hair recently and has been experiencing flaky scalp and dry hair from the bleaching. So these duo are my saviours! It helps to keep the flaky scalp in check yet making sure my hair is sufficiently nourished.

Alright guys, enough blabbering. I'd probably wake up tomorrow re-reading this post thinking what did I just typed?? My sugar rush is wearing off and my bed is calling. I've got a long day tomorrow. Till the next 2 glasses of teh tarik! 


  1. Always love ur blog posts. Keep it going, my blogger wife!

    1. Probably the only one to layan my nonsense! Love you for that! Thank you ❤️


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