Monday, August 1, 2016

Matters of the heart - Fix You

There has never been a dull moment at work. That's what happens when you put 4 crazy girls together. Given our most random and out of this world topics, the office will always find us bursting out in laughter at any given time.

Last week's talk of the town was First Date. (Our girl S is back in the market guys!) The topic came about when S told us she's going on a date and being the girls that we are, we were quivering in excitement to the hear news! (Like finally, S??) Needless to say, the boy talks and stalking followed suit.

All these talk about first dates brings me down the memory lane. Now, where do I even begin?

For a start, the first promise I made to myself was not to start dating until I learn to put myself before others, until I learn to bring myself closer to Him and until I've reclaimed my heart. (Thank you for the wake up call, Yasmin Mogahed. I was one of the millions who was greatly enthralled by the book, Reclaim Your Heart). It was the perfect time for me to put words into actions, discover my identity, my strengths and capabilities.

I looked around me and asked myself, with all that I owned, why am I not content with it? For the longest time, my identity was influenced by the people around me. So much so that it became competitive. (Kpo, orang lain ada bag Chanel, I also nak bag Chanel.) It was a world where material things were valued more than emotions and feelings.

I painted what society deemed as a picture perfect life in my head and expected it to go exactly the way that it should. A title, a dream wedding, a Chanel bag, a Tiff & Co., a 10 carat diamond ring, just to name afew in my wishlist. I succumbed to living lavishly beyond my means just because. Little did I realise, this tainted desire has taken dominion over me and I was enslaved by it. 

Some of you may say it's okay to dream and achieve it. Yes, if you can afford it, good on you! but at what cost are you willing to go out of yours or your loved ones way for it? At the end of the day, who are we here to please?

Life need not be expensive to be beautiful. It is already beautiful if we learn to let go and appreciate the simpler things in it. Please and Thank Yous, Alhamdulillah and SubhanAllah will take you a long way. In shaa Allah.

Till the next entry!

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