Friday, July 15, 2016

Taxes are so taxing

You've got mail.

So many thoughts were running through my mind when mum texted me "Adik, got letter for you. Love letter." 

My first thought.. How romantic of my dear Nazzmie. BUT why wouldn't he hand it to me in person?? 

I hit the reply button. "Wah! From who??"

"IRAS" replied mum. 

My heart dropped from my 50 storey office building. It's time to face my verdict and my guess was right. It's the income tax!

So I paid my first income tax in my 27 years of life. 

Look who's gonna cry watching the fireworks this National Day and say... "There goes my tax...."

Thanks IRAS for billing me during Raya. Sorry kiddos, duit raya this year I kasi IRAS.

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