Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hari Raya Upgrade

Feeling under the weather as we step into day 11 of Syawal. 

Did you know it was my birthday, yesterday? I was born on the 10th of Syawal in the Islamic calendar.  So yay! Happy birthday to me! 

There were no celebrations or presents of course. But I did secretly hear Nazzmie whispering alittle prayer while I was fast asleep (no thanks to the painkillers) last night; completing my birthday.

Where did all the time go?? We were too busy basking in the newlywed glow, little did we realise Ramadhan has left us.

This Raya is a trying one, and it will continue to be so every year. We knew as a matter of fact that as soon as we've been upgraded to Mr & Mrs, besides responsibilities, the number of Raya visiting has inevitably doubled! (Means double duit raya to give out! Yikes!)

Fact is, there are houses we will be missing or have missed. And we apologise for that. Now that most of us cousins are married, full strength at our "HQ" on Day 1 is a rare sight. I'm missing all my cousins and our outrageous First Lady poses for the camera. Yeap I still have them guys! For potential bribery purposes in future. :p

Besides my upgraded status as wife/ daughter/sister-in-law, my house pon nak upgrade jugak. This year we open close house due to the HDB home improvement programme we're undergoing, right smack in the middle of Raya. (How convenient) And the horror of cleaning up is endless. On a brighter note, I'm gonna come home to two spanking new toilets in another 10 days! 

Meanwhile, let me pause to give myself a pat on the back (carrying my own bakul) for a successful event at work! 

Till then, enjoy your Raya, stay safe and keep eating!  


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