Monday, June 20, 2016

Stains, don't go!

Greetings from Mrs Nazzmie!

Yes you heard me right. Nazzmie and I became Mr and Mrs on 7 May 2016. We tied the knot over an intimate ceremony witnessed by our closest friends and families. Simplicity at it's best, just the way we like it.

I hope this explains the lack of update the past months but this special occasion deserves a post on its own; which should be up soon. *I promise* 

A month plus since we said I do and I'm all sentimental over my fading henna stains. Please don't go! The entire time I had my henna on, I was obsessed with it. So much so that I kept taking photos of it and avoided scrubbing my hands just so the colour won't fade.

I recall reading somewhere that most brides want their henna to be as dark as it possibly can because it means they will have a happier marriage and they'll get along better with the mil. Other traditions state that the bride doesn't have to do any housework for as long as the henna stains appears on the bride! Now THIS, I must share with Nazzmie. *Gotta put on more henna*

Needless to say, my henna stains were as dark as it could've been. It went from bright red to maroon and dark brown; literally screaming "Bride-to-be!". While running errands on the eve, I received many heartwarming 'Congratulations!' along the way. And even when we're in Bali! I felt like a celebrity! 

If you're in love with this strikingly intricate design, my henna was done by a talented friend, Rini. Go look her up in instagram #inaibyrini. 

I'm no henna expert and completely trusted Rini on the designs. I must commend on her wonderful service and patience. In a blink, we survived the 'unofficial' henna night! Especially Rini who was heavily pregnant at the time while I was all fidgety layan-ing my nieces. 

Actually Rini didn't look heavy lah. Oklah I change. "She was slimly pregnant at the time". Man, wish I will look that slim when I'm pregnant. Hehe! In shaa Allah!

Another vain snap from me. Till then let me enjoy my "Pengantin Baru" feeling with what's left of my henna stains. Boohoo.... Till the next entry, Selamat Berbuka! 


  1. Yes! Love the henna! Thanks rini for layanning me also..

    1. Layanning all of us! or you can find her on FB at Inai By Rini


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