Saturday, June 18, 2016

Celeb-shy at the Celebfest

Who else is going to Celebfest this weekend? I conquered Day 1 with my Cik Siti. Honestly, I had no plans of going. But ofcourse, I was brainwashed by the girlfriends and it doesn't help when instagram keeps shoving it to my face that this is a must-go event! 

Judging by the crowd last night, it must've been the talk of the town.

I must admit, it's pretty cool to have so many celebs under one roof while you shop! Though most of the celebs has left by the time I reached, maybe because it was after iftar. Looks like I might need to come down again for Day 2. This time with Nazzmie, for more shopping power ;P while pretending that I'm actually giving him an up close and personal chance with the stars. 

Unlike Nazzmie, I'm celeb-shy. Every time I see one, I turned into a star-strucked kayu, contented even just by staring adoringly at them from a distant; channeling the inner serial stalker in me. Haha! It's funny how social media has made us feel like we personally know them when in actual fact, we don't. We only know what they want us to see of them.

Will somebody tell me, how should one react when you see a celeb? What should you say or do besides "Can I take a picture with you?"

I mean how often do we get this lucky and yet a picture is all we want?

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