Thursday, April 7, 2016

Something Crazy - 10km unlocked

"Nora, do you want to do something crazy this weekend?" asked my out-of-her-mind friend, Mily. And that something crazy happened to be a 10km Green Corridor Run. Hesitant, yet at second thought, when I am ever gonna do this if not now? Afterall, how far can a 10km run be? I'll be done in no time at all. 

Oh boy was I wrong! Out of the many contemplation of giving up, I chose to finish this run. I will finish what I've came here for. 

Rome wasn't conquered in a day, we conquered 10km in an hour plus plus plus. A toast to us, the victorious and the week long of aching. 

Let's do this again!


 photo s_03.jpg  photo s_04.jpg  photo s_05.jpg  photo s_06.jpg  photo s_07.jpg  photo s_08.jpg  photo s_09.jpg  photo s_10.jpg