Friday, February 12, 2016

Dear 2015

Dear 2015,

In a nutshell, you have been kind thank you.

Every now and then I mentally run through the months feeling blessed that I still have another day to live and enjoy the company of my loved ones, a decent job to provide lots of food on the plate (hence my bulatness) and a roof above our heads. 

Not as adventurous as I'd hoped you'd be. Nonetheless my hands are full and my pockets are tight following the big day preparations. Vacations are being pushed aside, entertainments are kept to the minimal and everything else follow suit.

For months, my day to day routine became frustratingly mundane and my optimism bank is depleting! After much thought, I've concluded that it's the vacation withdrawal. I soon developed a love-hate relationship with Instagram for shoving all the vacation newsfeed in my face. Thanks Instagram. 

This led to my irrational train of thoughts to "Why am I not born wealthy so all I do in life is travel the world?" "If I was born a princess, work is not even an option. Traveling is mandatory" "Imagine a six months vacay twice a year" "Don't  she have bills to pay?? How on earth can she go on another vacay after one last week?" Yup. 

Why am i torturing myself over this? There's so much more to life than battling this irrational war with myself. That's it! I'm hitting the 'Unfollow' button and I won half the battle just like that. 

The optimism kicks back in as soon as i step out of my comfort zone. The objective is to do things for myself by focusing on my goals and achievements, my capabilites, see the good in people, connect myself closer to Him, be kind and do charity. 

Take charge of your life. Don't let petty problems get to you. 


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