Saturday, October 10, 2015

Life Update - What's next?

Hello October! Wait. What? It's October?? Didn't I just post Hello 2015? Anyhoooos, I hope everyone had a wonderful week. I figured we could do with another life update. Before I begin, I'm warning you today's post is all over the show. Just my random thoughts here and there.

I've been buried in decision making and managing our finances for le big day and work. My day to day has been rather mundane I think I'm losing my mojo. How does one get they mojo back?? I deserve a holiday. In fact, I'm in dire need of one (or two). BUT it would only jeopardise our finances. For those who knows me well enough, I may splurge at times, but I'm quite discipline when it comes to finances. I have friends coming up to me for financial advice. (You know who you are!) I should start charging them consultation fee! So, anyone has too much money on their hands willing to sponsor me a trip?? That would be ideal. 

Nazzmie and I have carefully selected afew wedding vendors based on our requirements. Having dealt with so many brides in my previous job, I can testify that I'm not a bridezilla (yet)! Haha! If I ever start becoming one, please, by all means, give me a knock in the head. Over the years, I've grown to love simple and intimate weddings. In fact, there's a handful of typical wedding highlights we will be doing without. Just the necessary. Boy am I glad Nazzmie and I are on the same page... Let's not bother about what people think. People will talk either way. 

When I talk about blogging, some questioned, "Why bother, Nora?" I love penning my thoughts down. I grew up in the era of diaries and journals. I even named all of mine! What a weirdo. I know my sister and cousin had one (cus i secretly read theirs. Not so secret anymore ay!) To date, I still keep my diaries. More often than not, I catch myself laughing and cringing to my impulsive adolescent thoughts and decisions I made. When I was first introduced to blogs in Sec 2, it was the coolest thing ever to have your own site. I got roped into it and blogged for fun till I recently decided to take it to the next level as an informative and inspiring space, all in the name of passion. Blogging takes me into my own zone; an outlet or platform to express myself and allow all my creative juices to flow. In fact, if I was ever given the opportunity to blog for a living, never in a million years would I turn it down! 

You don't have to be the best to love what you do. Thank you for the astounding response over the Unbreak My Heart post. A heartbreak is incredibly  painful and I don't wish it upon anyone. I know not a word I say or do can make things magically turn around. You'll just have to go through it. But it's temporary, trust me, you'll heal in time. And you'll bounce back only to become a stronger person. The world is now your oyster, make the best out of it. I hope it has made an impact on you (even a tiny winy one) one way or another. From all your responses, let's start a #mattersoftheheart segment to discuss issues that are very close to our heart. 

Stay safe everyone! Till the next entry.

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