Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Unbreak My Heart

I've received questions on how I completely moved on from my past relationship and how I dealt with the heartbreak. For the benefit of my readers, my recent heartbreak was 2 years ago, from a long term relationship.

Before I go on, just a disclaimer, this post is not meant to air my dirty laundry. It's for the benefit of those who are on the same boat to know that you're not alone and it's not the end of the world. In a matter of fact, it's just the beginning. Mark my words.

Unfortunately, the circumstances are as such that it had to take me awhile to come into terms with the break up. 

My advice, go through it, not around it. Cry and scream your deepest sorrows aloud, I know, you were betrayed, your heart is shattered. It's okay to cry. Release all that sadness and anger! Go for a run if you need to, sign up for kick boxing classes if you feel like punching him in the face! Don't go on a self destruct mode. I know most of my friends would resort to alcohol and partying all night long. That's merely a temporary fix to suppress your emotions instead of letting it out of your system.

Yet at this point, since you still have your love goggles on and everything is still fresh in your mind, it can be tempting to call or text him. DON'T. It's not worth it. If someone could easily call it quits on you, I personally feel like they're just not good enough for you. That is a major red flag! Don't sell yourself short. You deserve only the best.

You'll eventually come to a point where you're beginning to accept the break up. Stop locking yourself in the room. Go out, meet up with friends and make new friends. A break up is not entirely bad thing. Find the silver lining. 

You're ready to take on the world, girl! Take on a journey of self discovery and learn to love yourself. Occupy your time, reflect, change up your look, do some retail therapy, take up that dance class or sport you've always wanted to, travel, learn a new language, try out new adventures, skydive and the list goes on. 

While you're busy loving yourself, you'll start noticing the confidence you never knew you had. And guess what? You're not the only one who notices that. That guy you have a crush on probably noticed it too! 

The universe has it's way of waking us up to all the red flags we've denied to. *Blame it on the love goggles.* It's a good thing for my case that he initiated the break up cus most of us are so reluctant to change (me included) that I know I will never have the guts to call it quits even when the boat is clearly sinking. I could've been stuck in it for good and wouldn't see my life the way it is today. 

Above all, I keep telling myself that there are bigger problems in the world. What is a heartbreak compared to that? To date, the only void that I'm still struggling to fill is the loss of my dad. 

Wear your confidence and start making new friends, make lots of them and keep your options open. Take your time if it's a life partner that you're looking for. Don't settle just yet. One may be tall, dark and handsome but with a shitty ass attitude, your looks are nothing. Look out for the red flags. 

When you least expect it, the one to sweep you off your feet will eventually come. Nothing and no one is worth looking back for when you're with someone so amazing. Thank you Allah for blessing me with this beautiful gift.

My rainbow at the end of the storm. Don't dull the sparkle in your eyes ❤️ Nazzmie


  1. Thk u for featuring me! Ur number one fan as always. Loving it! Gd read n loving the new layout!


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