Monday, September 14, 2015

My Handy Dandy Y5Buddy!

How do you survive a road trip?

15 years ago, when the world wide web was non-existant, I survived on books, magazines, crossword puzzles and radio to last me the trip. As much as I love chaneling the bookworm in me, I hate the fact that these books contributed to the weight and bulk in my backpack.

15 years later, I see myself predownloading as many movies, music, ebooks and games to last me the trip. It keeps the family entertained. Sayonara big bulky backpacks! 

Even on a holiday, I want to stay connected. To share my real time wanderlust adventures with the rest of my family members and social media. 

You can thank me after this cus I've found a device to get me connected throughout my trip! 

Introducing you to Y5Buddy

This small guy over here became my bestfriend throughout my Cameron Highlands trip. 

Eventhough I had issues with the connection initially but it was resolved in a jiffy when I contacted the team. They were very prompt with their response.

The wifi device works like a hotspot. Since I was in a rural area of Cameron Highlands, I wasn't expecting much from the connection. But it works perfectly fine except when I'm in a moving vehicle. It can connect up to 10 devices. For $9 a day, that's value for money!

If you're keen on renting this device, you can visit their website for more information @

Ultimately, do it in moderation. Staying connected can be distracting at times. Afterall, the purpose of a holiday is to unwind, relax and have a jolly good time with your loved ones. Let's not get too consumed by our gadgets.

Let's remember to live the moment. Till the next entry!

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