Monday, September 7, 2015


I for once thought henna was only made for Mehndi; the tradition of painting your hands and feet with henna. For all you mountain tortoise out there, me included, we're in for a treat. 

Henna has been used over centuries by both men and women as hair dyes and nails and skin treatment due to its antifungal, antibacterial and healing properties. 

My misconception of having tame and shiny hair from rebonding have led me to a costly cycle, which I thought I would be trapped in forever. To constantly deal with a half-natural-half-rebonded hair was a real struggle. And to my horror, each rebonding cycle only made my hair thinner! How can beauty be so destructive?? After a decade of vicious rebonding, I finally jumped on the idea to give my limping and thinning hair a treat. I'm putting a stop to all chemical hair treatments! 

As the title suggests, I'm going to talk about my Hairna experience by the ever so passionate team at Syraskins.

I first learned of hairna treatment from my cousins who were dealing with postpartum hair loss. Both had hairna treatment from two different parlours and had positive feedback. To date, I've given both parlours a try but I have to give it to the Syraskins team for their proffesionalism, dedication and passion which got me hooked to Hairna.

Booking your Hairna appointment
Due to their busy schedules, I would suggest to book your appointment atleast 2 weeks prior to secure your preferred date and time. 

A $40 deposit will be required once your appointment has been reserved. This can be done via bank transfer. The balance to be completed after the treatment.

Rates are based on your hair length as per image below. This image was extracted from Syraskins.

The whole process will take approximately 2.5hours including blowing and styling of hair. 

The moment you step into the parlour you will be greeted by the therapeutic fragrance of henna and a cosy ambience. 

Step 1:
Once they have you seated, you will be handed a booklet to read through their services, benefits of Hairna and list of essential oils for you to choose from depending on your scalp condition.

Step 2:
My favourite part, the head massage. To stimulate your scalp prior to the treatment, they will massage the essential oils you've picked earlier for about 15mins. After a long and stressful week, this is worth my every penny! I'm a sucker for anything relaxing. 

Step 3:
Henna will be applied to every inch of your hair. This is also a very relaxing process as the henna settles on your head and cools your scalp.

Step 4: 
Steam your hair for about 30mins to an  hour.

Step 5:
Wash, blow and styling

The results
My hair instantly feels denser, silkier and has more volume after every treatment. Hair loss and dry scalp has significantly reduced. The condition of my hair has improved over time and many has started noticing. 

Due to its nature, henna also adds a tinge of colour to your hair.

I've been advised to have my Hairna treatment once every 2 months. Too much henna will be too drying for your hair. So let's do it in moderation! 

I'll let the pictures do the talking. These are the results from our Hairna treatment. 

As I feel my hair in disbelief, these are some research I did to how henna works. 

"HOW HENNA WORKS ON HAIRLawsonia, is known to bond to protein, which is what hair is made of. Once applied to the hair henna will bind itself to the keratin present in hair and provide a permanent coating to the cuticle of the hair, it does not penetrate the hair, and hence why it is a better alternative to manufactured dyes.......... Because it coats the strands of hair with the Lawsonia it makes the cuticles lie down flatter, which can result in smoother shinier hair with less tangling.Also a lot of people notice that use of henna on their hair is almost like a protein treatment, in that it makes the hair stronger and more resilient to damage and breakage..."
Sources from

That's all folks! There's only this much I can share. The rest you have to try it for yourself to know the results. For more information for their Hairna services, you can visit their facebook and instagram link below:
Facebook: Syraskins
Instagram: @syraskins

Can't wait for my next session this week!

Till the next entry guys!


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