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Love Your Body - Road to healthy living

It’s never too late to start giving your body some love. If you would ask me on my achievement in 2014, I’d definitely say healthy living. It may not be extravagant, but I’d give myself a pat on the back for starting. Like an A for an effort. Lol! okay lame.

From a couch potato, I’ve made weekly exercising mandatory. Exercising can be as simple as following a short cardio routine on YouTube, jogging, cycling and even walking!

My leap to healthy living kick-started when my health was taking a toll on me:

First off, my skin began breaking out and gradually emerged as severe acnes! It felt like all toxins were purging through my skin! I’ve always had flawless skin throughout my teen years. This was by far the worst skin woes I’ve had in my 25 years of life and I must admit it was very depressing!

I've tried and taken most skincare products that you can think of; e.g. El Marino Blanc, Bio Essence, Mario Badescu, Murad, Cetaphil, Bioderma, Garnier, Eucerin and etc. Some did work but for most, it only made my skin worse! I have nothing against these brands; it just didn’t work for my skin at that time.

This was how my skin looked like on and off for the past year. The acne kept coming back at the very same spot; right cheek and chin. To top it off, it would be at its worst on that time on the month!

Secondly, I mentioned in one of my previous post that mid this year, I was suffering from a constant cough and chest pains for 3 months! I was prescribed with courses after courses of antibiotics. Even the boyfriend caught the cough but according the doctor, his wasn’t as bad as mine because his immune system was better. Hmph! That’s unfair! Well such is life. Hehe!

Imagine 3 months of sleepless coughing nights, not being able to finish your sentence without coughing in between, voice of a man, and medical leave week after week. I felt so sorry for my colleagues to see and hear a bapok-voiced zombie at work every single day. I had no idea what this was until someone eventually mentioned to me, “It’s the ‘100 days cough’”. Tadaaa! Found my answer.

If those skin woes and 100 days of cough aren’t enough to wake up your idea on healthy living, then I don’t know what else would!

My exercising routine kick started in 2013 when I was under a lot of stress from personal issues. Exercising requires a lot of commitment and its good to have a friend or partner to keep you company and motivated. I was lucky my colleagues had the same mindset.

I used to hate running back in school because I’m just too plain lazy. Now here’s a good tip to get all you couch potatoes running! But first, download the C25KFREE (Couch potato to 5K runner) mobile app.

What is C25K™ all about?  

·         You alternate between walking and running until you build strength ·         C25K™ is designed for people who are just taking up running·         C25K is an 8 week long plan.·         You workout 3 times a week, ideally with breaks between days.·         Each workout session is from 30-40 minutes long (including 5 minutes warm up and 5 minutes cool down)

Remember back in Secondary School days when we were dying to score a bronze from our 2.4km run??? Damn! I would’ve scored gold if I had this app! And guess what?? The boyfriend enjoys running to this app too! A fantastic app for us to train towards our first marathon in March 2015.

We followed this routine once or twice a week depending on our schedule and didn’t rush to complete the 8 week plan. I find running at my own pace rather therapeutic and it helps to keep my mind off things. Of course I got myself the proper running gears as well and all thanks to Wai Keat for the comfy Skechers running shoes! :P

Did I tell you, the view matters too?? I’ll run from my workplace in Marina Bay, across the Bayfront of Marina Bay Sands, towards Marina Barrage and run back to the office to get changed. So pick your ideal view to make your running experience a more pleasant one!

Besides running, I would follow some workout routines on YouTube on days when I get too busy. Do check out my favourite channel, FitnessBlender. Their videos cater to beginners like me and all the way to the experts. Don’t underestimate home workouts yeah!

And for those of you who prefers working out at the gym but doesn’t want to spend money on memberships, there’s ActiveSG! Sign up and you will receive a credit of $100 upon verification of your account, which can later be deducted when you utilise their sports facilities!

ActiveSG is an all-encompassing and inclusive national movement for sport, brought to you by Sport Singapore. Poised to be a lifestyle destination for Singaporeans, ActiveSG will offer individuals, families and communities ample opportunities to experience and share the joy of living better through sport.Come join our national movement for sports and get active with a diverse and exciting line-up of sporting activities suited for all! Our sport facilities which are conveniently located all over Singapore are open to all! You can also sign up for ActiveSG membership registration to enjoy further privileges. Membership registration is free for all Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents!

You are what you eat (and drink)
What you put on that plate is more important than what you put on your skin. I used to pay very little attention on my diet till eventually, my nightmare began haunting me when I start seeing all those junk purging through my skin. Since then, I avoid junk food at all cost! *I wish I was that discipline.. I do have my cheat days though* :p

A visit to the dermatologist tells me that I was dealing with hormonal acnes and I need to steer away from fried food, while fruits and vegetables are a must! Only upon extensive research I found that I need to cut down on my sugar intake too. For the record, rice falls under this category. Whaaat?? I’m Asian and I love rice!

I was determined to get on track to healthy, glowing and clear skin. I heeded all the advice and started healthy eating. Basically, this was what I did: 

1) Substitute our home cooking oil to olive oil or vegetable oils. Olive oil can be a tad pricey
2) More vegetables in our day to day dishes
3) Eat fruits or juice it! My favourite combination are orange/apples or orange/strawberries. You might want to try avocados too! YUMMY!
4) Can't stress enough on keeping ourselves hydrated with water. Plus it helps flush out the toxins from our body!
5) I substitute rice to wholemeal bread
6) Try salmon too! I'm starting to love salads with baked salmon

Within weeks, it started showing. My acne had prominently subsided!

My skincare routine had changed over time and it now consists of more organic products. Organic products are AMAZING! But I'll bring that to you next time! 

Disclaimer: I am no expert or a health nutritionist. These are basically routines that have worked for me based on my personal research and experience. Hope this post is enlightening for everyone out there dealing with the same issues.

Till the next entry! xoxo

"Your imagination is your preview to life's coming attractions." - Albert Einstein


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