Sunday, December 7, 2014

Wanderlust - Oh My Bangkok Part 2!

*Huffing and puffing the cobwebs away*

OLA Everyone! As promised, I am back with Part 2 of Oh My Bangkok! 

Following my previous post, I will be sharing with you on an interesting performance we caught and places you can go to eat to your heart's content.

First stop, Asiatique! We figured Calypso Cabaret performance would be a brilliant idea to keep us entertained during the night time. We headed down to the travel desk at GLOW's lobby for the transportation and ticketing arrangements and we paid about 1,000 THB (SGD40) per person.

*Side track a bit on the weather* The weather in Bangkok was unexpectedly chilly. You'd imagine Bangkok to be summer all year round but it felt like I was in Genting Highlands! Since I wasn't dressed to the weather, I had to grab myself this gorgeous red shawl for 200THB (SGD8) to keep myself warm. Having said that, I do hope those of you visiting Bangkok in January would check weather before your trip.

Okay back to Asiatique! There are many stalls for all you shopping enthusiasts out there, selling souvenirs, clothings and many more; all in small and modern arcades. It caters to the more 'atas' or high-end shopping and dining experience. We didn't have much time to experience any cafes because the show was about to start.

I absolutely love the ambience of the theatre. Though the lip-syncing wasn't very well done, overall it was a great performance. I enjoyed all the acts and beautiful make ups and costumes. I'm glad that it wasn't anything sleazy. Well done, ladies! Or should I say... ladyboys? hehe!

Next up, get some tissues ready for your drools!

1) Maedah Restaurant. With just less than 5-minutes walking distance from Baiyoke Sky, this restaurant serves a wide variety of Halal Asian and Mediterranean dishes and it is located along the stretch of shops in the Pratunam Market. Food was heavenly yet affordable. Be sure to get yourself hooked to their Tom Yam Soup, Spicy Steamed Fish and Thai Iced Milk Tea just like I did! 

I'm very sure most Singaporeans are familiar to this restaurant cause there's free WIFI! Quick tip on how to spot Singaporeans in a restaurant: they're constantly glued to their gadgets.... either by endless selfies or social medias. Sad but true because I'm just as guilty.

2) Once you step out of Maedah Restaurant and you still have some space in your tummy(or thighs!) for desserts, do catch this young chap for those yummilicious Chocolate Banana Pancake! This is a commonly found dessert or breakfast to some in Thailand. It's somewhat like roti prata with banana filling, drizzled with sweetened condensed milk and chocolate syrup. *Droolssss*

P.s. He's only there in the evening about after 7pm and will usually wrap up by 11pm.

3) Mak Yah Muslim Restaurant. This restaurant is about 15 minutes walking distance from our GLOW Pratunam and they served mostly Thai food. By the time we reached this place, we were famished! Restaurant was empty when we arrived. Infact, we were the only two there! Food arrived quickly, tasted okaaay but not that affordable. Maedah's food costs a fraction of what I paid here for similar dishes!

We saw many good reviews on this restaurant but this really didn't live up to it's name, for me at least. 

4) Saman Islam Food Stall is located directly in front of the clock tower in Chatuchak Market. Their signature dish is the beef noodle. The place was packed and we were seated right in front of the huge pot. The delightful aroma of the spices and beef broth supersedes our warm seat, and the soup was divine. This place is a MUST to visit!

4) Another commonly found dessert in Thailand is the Coconut Ice Cream. Most of the coconut ice cream are served in coconut shell like the one Nana was holding. I'm not the biggest fan of coconut so I had chocolate ice cream instead. After all, who can resist ice cream after a long day of shopping, right??

That's all folks! Thank you Bangkok for all the wonderful clothes, food and memories. And thank YOU for your time reading my humble blog. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did.

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Been to Bangkok? Share your experience with me in the comment box below. That won't be the end of Thailand from me. For those gearing up for Songkran, start your savings now! NTX signing off, till the next entry.

"We do not remember days, we remember moments" Cesare Pavese


  1. Oh my. I miss the shopping n the choc banana pancake

  2. Me too! To the extent that I even YouTube the recipes!


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