Monday, October 6, 2014

Wanderlust - Oh My Bangkok!


Sawadee Kha!

They don't call it The Land of a Thousand Smiles for nothing! The Thais are incredibly friendly and welcoming. If you smile at them, chances are they're going give you an even bigger smile and possibly greet you as well. Bangkok is the place to be when it comes to de-stressing, eating your heart out and shop till you drop, literally. 

To date, I've been to Bangkok thrice and I fell deeply in love with this city with every trip. And here I am today, to share PART 1 of my love for Bangkok. After all, sharing is caring! 

When getting around Bangkok, you will never get lost. Even if you think you are, feel free to ask. The Thais are more than happy to show you the way. And just remember, wherever you are, you are only a taxi/ tuktuk / BTS away. For all three trips, we chose to stay in the Pratunam district which is most convenient for our shopping and dining.

For my trip mid last year, we stayed at The 93 Hotel which is right smack in the Pratunam market area. Room is more spacious than I imagined, clean and tidy too. We were greeted by friendly staffs who provided us with a self drawn map of the area. Taxis and Tuktuk were easily sighted as we walked out of the lobby. Hotel is very basic, no fancy schmancy restaurant or pool. But a basic room is all we need since we'll be out most of time, SHOPPING! 

There was only one tiny problem. We received a call in the middle of the night from what sounded like a lady's voice. We figured it could be a 'Service' call. If you get what I mean.

Tried the massage at the basement level. We were wondering why was the Thai Massage so cheap and went for it. I was frowning throughout the whole massage cus my masseuse was mainly focusing on my stress points! One word. OUCH! But I did feel relaxed after that. 

There's Siti playing with bubbles! Love how fresh the room smells afterwards!

Early this year, I was itching for another trip to de-stress! This time, I wanted something a bit more fancy and we chose GLOW Pratunam, one of the newest boutique hotel in Bangkok. Every bit about my stay, from checking in to checking out, was pleasant! 

Staffs were friendly, helpful and efficient! Room was spacious and has a modern touch to it. I can't complain about the bed cause I slept like a baby! They have a wide variety of breakfast selections. 

Glow also has a travel desk right next to their reception which helped us organised our transportation and tickets to Asiatique. 

Glow is located on top of a 6-storey shopping mall where they have this amazing spa! One of the best spa i've had! Excellent service, products and techniques, this place is highly recommended guys!

Platinum Fashion Mall is just across the street from our Hotel. So we were going to and fro to drop our loots once we feel like we have too much to carry. The goods in Platinum are slightly pricier as compared to Chatuchak Market. Platinum's good ranges from 100-500THB. But overall, its still worth it! We were elated with our finds!

For those who have no idea, here's a brief introduction to Platinum Fashion Mall extracted from Wikipedia:
The Platinum Fashion Mall is a 5 billion baht (100 million euro) shopping mall in Pratunam, BangkokThailand, which specializes in fashion clothes and accessories retail and wholesale.[1] It is a six-storey complex with an 11-storey condominium building above the complex.
You can just imagine the damage it did on us!

If Platinum Fashion Mall isn't enough, I bet you this one would! Chatuchak is an incredibly huge weekend market, as huge as over 15,000 stalls!

This can be quite a daunting experience, so make sure you come prepared with a bag pack (and an extra bag. Trust me you'll need this), bottled water and probably a fan and an umbrella. The smartest thing to do when you reach this place would be to get yourself a map! If there's none, head on to the information counter and snap a picture of one like I did.

They have all the different sections from home furniture, to handicrafts, to secondhand items, to fashion and even pets!

So what else are you waiting for?? LET THE SHOPPING BEGIN!

And that's all for PART 1! Do stay tuned for PART 2 where I share with you the places you can eat to your heart's content! 

Till the next entry!


  1. Have you been to asiatique riverside market? We went when we visited bangkok. Food was off da chain!!!

    1. Yes we did! That will come in Part 2 of Bangkok's post!


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