Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wanderlust - Bali 2012

My addiction to traveling and exploring other parts of the world starts from here. Though I haven't really been to THAT many places, I'm contented with where I have been. Every trip or place is unique in it's own way and I'm most delighted to share my best experiences with you in my travelogue series! This is where it begins....

“Nora, I’m getting married.” as I shriek with excitement, Tjio added, “In Bali. Will you come?” I accepted his invitation in a blink! And the next thing I know, I was already securing all the travel arrangements such as flight and accommodation. This was our first experience traveling on free and easy and with such limited time there, itinerary had to be carefully planned. 

Our choice of accommodation was InterContinental(IC) Bali Resort, which was highly recommended by my colleagues. From the moment I stepped out of Denpasar immigration, I had nothing but endless compliments for IC Bali. We were greeted to a black Mercedes as our hotel transfer for an approximately 15 to 20 minutes journey, with compliments from IC Bali. Check in was a breeze as the staffs directed us to the Business Lounge for our welcome drink. If I may add, it is in IC Bali that I experienced the warmest hospitality! I recalled being addressed and greeted by name in all my encounters with their staffs. Talk about Wow factor! 

And did I tell you we got a complimentary room upgrade?? Total VIP mode on! The room was spacious, beds and pillows are of excellent quality. Two thumbs up for our room!

Located along Jimbaran Beach, we were just walking distance from the famous beachside restaurant! Dining as we gazed to the beautiful sunset across the bay. Still don’t believe me? Let me feast your eyes to these beautiful images.

Oh! Say hello to mum!

Beautiful Balinese themed pool

Dinner is served

While mum took the chance to enjoy our room all to herself, I made my way to Tjio's wedding, which was held at Bulgari Hotels & Resorts Bali. I must say, Bulgari lived up to its stature. The moment I stepped foot at the lobby, we were greeted by the breathtaking scenery right before our eyes. Trust me, superlatives are an understatement!

And that's my beautiful bestfriend/childhood friend, Nana. You'll see her a lot in my upcoming posts!

Tjio and Pamela chose what they called a Water Wedding. 

The altar is set upon a transparent carpet gently floating on the surface of the Water Pond. A truly unique experience, for a wedding ceremony held in from of the infinity of the Indian Ocean

Though we didn't have much time in Bali, we still managed to do a quick tour around the popular touristy places! Well we are tourists after all!

If given the chance, I would gladly give Bali a second visit for more exploration! I appreciate how rich Bali is in terms of it's culture and natural resources. Time wasn't on our side but that didn't hinder us from enjoying this very relaxing getaway. After all, it's always good to take a break from the hustle and bustle of our roaring city! 

I know a 2012 travelogue seems too backdated. But hey! Nothing's wrong with doing a little #throwback right? Hope you've enjoyed my #throwback as much as I did. So have you been to Bali?? Share with me your experience in the comments section below!

Till the next entry!

"You're only given one little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." - Robin Williams


  1. Enjoyed your entry. B4 I left that side of the earth I got a chance to go to Bali. Stayed in Kuta beach, visited Uluwatu cliff top temples, n panang beach. Food was great, people were great. Didn't want to leave.

    1. I didn't want to leave as well! Glad you enjoyed the entry and your trip! There's more to explore in Asia! =)

  2. B4 I left Singapore, also did get to Melaka, Siem Reap Cambodia, Bangkok & Surrin Phuket. Ahh memories my friend. Looking forward to getting back over there.


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